When I began traveling ministry in 2011, the Lord told me not to solicit pastors or churches for speaking engagements. Since that time I've trusted God to arrange meetings for me. I've now preached throughout the United States and in 19 countries (on every continent but Antarctica).


I preach the same for 5 or 5,000, so don't worry about the size of your church. I don't need a big crowd; I just need an invitation and a sense of the Lord's approval. I generally limit how many speaking engagements I will take in a given month, but I'm occasionally available at short notice. Please check my itinerary below to see availability. Thanks!

July 2021

Sunday the 25th

Life Church

  • Sunday morning guest speaker

  • Sunday night healing meeting

  • Williamstown, New Jersey


Tuesday the 22nd

Closed Meeting

  • Canton, Michigan


Sunday - Wednesday the 26th - 29th

The Healing Center at Orkney Springs

  • Morning & Evening Guest Speaker

  • Orkney Springs, Virginia


Sunday - Wednesday the 10th - 13th

Palmetto Community Church

  • Guest Speaker

  • Charleston, South Carolina

Wednesday the 20th - 21st

Antioch Conference

  • Guest Speaker

  • North Central University

  • Minneapolis, Minnesota


Tuesday the 25th

Closed Meeting

  • Wayne, Michigan

JUNE 2022

Thursday the 2nd

Closed Meeting

  • Canton, Michigan