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Many people write to me, asking me to minister physical healing to them. At one time, I thought it was strange that people thought I wouldn’t have time to reply to their emails. But after a few TV appearances, my inbox quickly backed up with hundreds (and now thousands) of requests for prayer.

In desperation, I asked the Lord what to do. He said, “You’re not the Messiah, and you’re not their only hope. You’re just one man. You focus on the needs physically in front of you, and I’ll direct the rest.”

Since that time, my focus has been on local ministry and ministering to people at my events and conferences. I still read every email that comes in and do quickly pray for the people as requested, but I only reply to those e-mails as the Holy Spirit leads.

The best option for anyone seeking healing will always be a local congregation of believers who will love them and persevere with them for breakthrough. But I understand there are so many who struggle to find someone near them who actually believes.

For this reason, if you still want to write to me, I certainly do welcome it. I just want to be realistic with you about my limitations and the challenges of focusing on whatever the Lord is leading.

Below are some options to receive ministry from me:

Listen for free to my short audio teaching with healing ministry included:

Send a prayer request through my other web site:

I have a special prayer request system set up at where I and several others I’ve trained regularly respond to people’s prayer requests. (Click Here)

Join me at one of my meetings:

Check my itinerary page to see if I’ll be near you anytime soon. (Click Here)

Send an e-mail:

If you still want to send an email, I’ll get to it eventually, but I may not have the opportunity to respond personally. Thanks so much for your understanding. You can reach me at

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